6 Helpful Tips on How to Wear Face Masks Effectively

Face masks should be used in conjunction with regular hand washing and social distancing, and State guidelines. Here are some tips for wearing face masks effectively:


1) Wash hands before handling your mask. You want to have really clean hands when handling your mask. Even when you have worn your mask for a few hours, consistently wash your hands every few hours to be extra safe.



2) Immediately place the mask on your face. Do not let the mask lay around. Because if you let your mask to lay around here and there, you increase the risk of viruses going on the surface of the mask.



3) Ensure snug and firm fit. Try to pull your mask to see if it is too loose or too tight. Try to wear a mask with adjustable straps, like the Vi-MASK.


Image: The Vi-MASK has an adjustable strap that ensures the wearer a snug fit


4) Do not touch your mask while you wear it. Most people touch their mask to adjust it. But if you’re wearing a Vi-MASK with adjustable bands that  you can adjust for a good firm fit, then you would not have to keep touching and adjusting your mask.


5) Get a more breathable mask. If you are not used to wearing a mask, it may take some time to get used to. This is normal and you will soon learn how to breathe and regulate your breath. There are also masks which makes it a lot easier to breathe thru, like the Vi-MASK. The Vi-MASK inside-inner layer is made from cooling and quick dry technology that also makes it much easier for you to breath. So you can even comfortably wear the Vi-MASK when you’re exercising or playing sports.


6) Wash your mask carefully. When washing your mask that has a filter, do not submerge the whole mask in water. Mildly spray the mask with water and leave to dry.


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